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Unfair and constructive dismissal


From initial disciplinary procedures, through all employment procedures David Duncan and Company is placed to give you straightforward, honest advice. We deal with both unfair dismissal (for example, an employer dismissing an employee for no good reason or for not following proper procedure) and constructive dismissal (for example, where an employee feels he had no other option but to resign).


If you find yourself in this position we offer advice to both privately funded and legal aid clients. We are sanctioned by the Scottish Legal Aid Board to offer employment law advice to those who qualify.


Compromise agreements


In this time of austerity an employee may find themselves in a position where they have been offered a compromise agreement as opposed to being made redundant. This could be due to a multitude of reasons. What is certain is that an employee requires proper independent and quality advice. We will aim to provide this with an approached tailored to the individual case.


Other Employment law issues


We are aware that various other employment issues often arise during the course of a persons employment. We are here to offer legal advice which will assist you in making the most of the situation you find yourself in.


For more information about Employment law in Dundee, or for a free first consultation, please do not hesitate to contact David Duncan Solicitors today on 01382225823.