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Childrens Panel

At times the local authority, through the social work department, become involved with the health and welfare of children in Dundee and other areas. Childrens Hearings have been making decisions about local children and young people who commit offences or who are in need of care and protection. It is therefore particularly important that all views are heard. For that to occur we provide a service to assist those involved, from family members to the child who is the subject.

Childrens Referrals

Grounds of referral are often served in childrens hearings. These are grounds which the childrens reporter alleges exist in regard to the child. The relelvant people, usually the mother and father, are asked to accept these grounds at a childrens panel. If they do not accept these then they are sent to the Sheriff to establish the true position. It is of vital importance that the parties involved obtain legal advice and assistance in this area. We will properly prepare, advise and represent you at these hearings. Again as with all the work we do, we offer legal aid in the first instance and if not suitable then on a private basis.