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Police Interviews

If the police wish to interview you in connection with an alleged offence or Road Traffic contravention, you now have the right to have advice from a qualified solicitor prior to the interview. If you find yourself in this situation, contact David Duncan and Company immediately and we will advise you and attend at the Police Station where necessary.

Arrest and Detention

If you find yourself detained by the police or placed under arrest, ask the police to contact David Duncan and Company and we will provide consultation via telephone or attend the police station.

Police Custody

When dealing with the police, try to remain calm and remember to request David Duncan and Company as soon as possible. You can provide the police with your name, address and personal details but DO NOT discuss any allegations until you have spoken to David Duncan or Douglas McConnell directly!

Contact David Duncan or Douglas McConnell today for advice about any forthcoming court appearences or for any legal matter that requires our professional attention on 01382 225 823.